Saturday, January 21, 2006

Buddy the newest addition to the family - Day 5

We've named the bag Buddy. I asked one of the other patients what she calls her bag to which she replied "You don't want to know what I call this thing." We left it right there.

Marie slept as well as she normally does. Buddy was right there between us. Marie hooked up to Buddy, and me to my sleep machine. Talk about a family bed - there's no room for one of our little ones to climb in. Sorry, Stef.

Speaking of Stef, Eau Gallie won again! They beat Astronuat High School 4-0. Stef did NOT get a yellow card; that's probably because Pastor Jeff and most of the Youth Group ( that would be you Daniel) was there.

We went to the clinic this morning to get Marie juiced up again. They increased her dose. It didn't take too long and we got a chance to meet some of the other patients. There is a 15 year old German girl named Angie. They tried chemo but it caused the tumor to grow faster so their doctor in Germany told them to come here. There was another older German couple and a couple of older American couples.

After the clinic we went to eat at the Health Food store and then went to Wal-Mart. I'm sorry to say that Marie 'tossed her couscous' in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. For those of you who don't know what couscous is, I've attached a link. We don't know if it was due to the increase in med's or the steroid she's now on. The steroid is taken to reduce swelling in the brain. As the tumor dies the body tries to protect the brain which causes the swelling. (Marian Brown please correct me if I say anything stupid.)

Since we've gotten some questions about the port, I'll talk a little about it. It's really a Hickman, Leonard and Broviac central venous catheter. This catheter is installed under Marie's collar bone on the right side. It was inserted into a major vein via a small incision. It was not done blindly rather they used an ultra sound machine to local the vein and then an x-ray to verify its placement. Marie will have to keep it covered with a dressing until it is removed to prevent infection.

I had an eye exam today and the optometrist told me my cholesterol was high. Okay I get it - There's a conspiracy to get me to eat taboulli and couscous which is going to be harder to do now that I've seen what it did to Marie. You know couscous looks better on the parking lot than on my plate.

After the exam I went to Wal-Mart to pickout a stylish, yet manly frame. Manuel looked at my name as I was paying for the frame and asked me if I was Hispanic. I said 'Yes' to which he replied 'I thought you were Caucasian.' He then looked at Marie and asked if she was Caucasian. Manuel was obviously Mexican but he had died his hair blond and had blue contact lenses on. I stood there thinking 'Manuel - being Caucasian isn't all it's cracked up to be. They get sunburned and brain tumors.'


Anonymous Michelle said...

I love the name! "Buddy." How perfect!
Alf, you are hilarious. It's that dry sense of humor now on display for all the world to see.
Marie, I've been calling the wrong cell phone number for three days. I now have the correcct one, but realize you can't answer it. That's okay. We've always preferred email anyway. I called Tara today to get details since I hadn't spoken to anyone since you left. She directed me to the blog, from whence I received most of the answers I was seeking.
I'm glad they can get the blood samples from the same place they give the medicine.
It feels weird writing to the whole world, so I'm abandoning this for email. Blogging feels sort of like talking on the phone in a room full of people. Feels weird, but this is my first 'blog.'
Seems you are meeting some very special people out there. Divine appointments....and they are having the privilege of meeting you two, also.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Stefan said...

Obviously you weren't listening on the phone, Dad. We beat Cocoa Beach last Friday not Astronaut. We're not playing Astronaut this year. I'll overlook the comment about the yellow cards.

I'm glad you're developing a relationship with your pump, Mom. Now both you and Dad will have a little "buddy" to sleep with at night.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Al, for being such a good husband and father too! We (Granpa Don and I) especially appreciate your persistance in searching for the treatment that is best for Marie. We love you for taking such good care of our "little ".

We have had a good week here on Big Pine Rd. Since all of my grandchildren are perfect, we have no problems. I have been watching Stefan's soccer games in your place, and can give you a run-down on which parents deserve yellow cards.

We look forward to your daily blow by blow description of what's happen'. Love, Your Mother-in-Law

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Al and Marie,
Al, thank you so much for writing the blog and keep us updated on what is happening with Marie. We are thinking of you both over there in Texas and your blog brings us closer.

I must say , I am truly offended :) about your comments on Couscous. It is such a delicious meal and it is Tunisia's natioanl dish !!! :) :).
Keep blogging !!
With love,
PS: I also enjoy reading Tara and Stefan

9:20 AM  

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