Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Get Well Cards

Thank you to Brooke, Chane, and Elizabeth for the lovely cards. The verses are so encouraging.


Anonymous Cari-Jean said...

Hello. What a sense of humor you all have. I must've forgotten from this summer. Keep up the good spirits and the jokes =)

Sounds like you all have your hands full with Buddy (it must be pretty bad if you're starting the time-out routine). I know how it can be..... I've dealt with many a buddy and I've been a buddy. Stefan, you used to get in bed with your parents too!?

There is so much encouragement going around from friends and family. It's nice to be supported and well-loved, isn't it? We Bowmans think of you all and pray for you all often, too.

Oh, btw, whatever abt perfect grandkids. I lived with those kids for 10 days, and I didn't notice any behavior that was extroidinare....... well, depends on which way you look at it ;) Mr. Fernandez did say I was marred for life.

But, to be very serious, I am so glad I know the Fernandezes -- what an example of sticking together, caring for one another, praying for each other and looking to the Lord for comfort and strength. It's a testimony to the truth that God is our Rock, our Sustainer and our loving Father.

Thanks for all the posts.

Clay in the hands of the Potter,

2:42 PM  

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