Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Groundhog Day - Day 15

It's starting to feel like Groundhog Day. Everyday we get up, go to the clinic, beat the air bubbles out of the bags, eat healthy stuff and then stare at each other till it's bed time again. Can you tell how much we want to be home? I'm going to look into flying home late Friday instead of Saturday.

We switched Marie back to the every 4 hour this morning to see if she could tolerate it now that she had been on it for 2 weeks. She can't. The tremors are back. Tonight, I'm going to reprogram the pump back so she's getting small doses again. Don't worry, I'm not playing doctor. I was told I could do it by Dr. Weaver.

Marie's right hand is getting better each day and until this last session she was looking great.

I finished the book titled The Burzynski Breakthrough. It was ok. I was looking for something more technical. But the book focused mainly with the court battles with the FDA. Last night, we went to a question and answer session at the Ramada. It was interesting.


Blogger Jo Ann Sikes said...

Hey, Houston,
So glad to hear of the improvement in Marie's hand. You are on my mind. We are praying.
Love, Jo Ann and Maurice

7:50 AM  

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