Friday, January 20, 2006

Paging Nurse Al - Day 4

The Nutritionist was very pleased with Marie's current diet. She only suggestd minor alterations to it e.g., a bit more protein. She did recommend organic food and limiting canned food i.e., beans. Marie's blood work was excellent. The blood work indicated that her liver was functioning well. Some other things she suggested was to keep the cell phone away from her ear, use gloves while administering Tilly's Frontline, don't charge the PDA by the bed, etc.

After getting positive reinforcement on her dietary regimin, Marie turned the spotlight on me. I failed in just about every imaginable way. Fortunately, I don't have cancer just high cholesterol and blood pressure.

The next 4 1/2 hours were dedicated to training on the catheter and pump along side a nice Amish family. We keep running into them everywhere....they are even staying at our hotel. There is also a 2 year old boy with his family who has been through it all (surgery, radiation, ...). His doctors have thrown in the towel so they're at the clinic.

I was also trained on changing Marie's dressing, flushing her catheter, and injecting drugs via the catheter. Next week, I get to learn how to draw blood via the catheter. Whoo-hee, I can't wait!

Marie carries a camera-case looking bag which contains the drugs and the pump. The drugs are administered every 4 hours. She can disconnect in between but we're not to that point yet. So she'll carry it all weekend. For now, remembering to take it with her when she goes anywhere is the biggest problem. Sleeping with her buddy should be an experience tonight.


Anonymous Tara said...

It's pretty hard to use a cell phone while keeping it away from your ear. I can just see Mom holding it out at arm's length saying, "Can you hear me now?" :)

I think we're getting to call y'all, so I won't write out everything that happened today for all the world to two are the lucky people who get to hear every minute detail of my day. :)

Your loving daughter,

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Lynne Mills said...

Thanks for the detailed account of your time in Houston. Al, I never realized you're talent for writing.....very impressive. Can you teach my kids writing in your free time this summer?
Again, thanks for taking the time to keep us informed. We're praying for your family and especially that the treatment is effective with Marie.

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Lynne said...

One more thing - I saw Stef's coach today and he mentioned what an outstanding individual Stef is and how much he appreciates Stef being on his team.
I wanted to go to their game tonight but didn't make it, hopefully I'll catch one next week.
Good Night..........

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Marie said...

Let's see, what should we call it Tara, hmmm..........I know, a SPEAKER PHONE!

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

....NO, NO, NO, it's hand's free phone! :D

So Mr. Nurse Alf, does this mean there are some diet changes in your future as well? :) Isn't it nice that Marie is willing to help you make dietary changes and she started the process so long ago? What a wonderful helpmeet you have! ;)

There's a small place in the large land of Canada that's praying for your family. I am glad you have the blog so we can keep up with the news without bothering Tara all the time, although, you know how much I enjoy my visits with her.

Hugs and prayers to you as you walk with our Lord during this time.

Mrs. K. :D

7:40 AM  

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