Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Anyone still out there?

If you're reading this then I must commend you for your tenaciousness since I haven't posted since we got back.

The first week back was rough. We were still dealing with the effects of the drug and trying to a routine going. Marie is now on 4 hour infusions and seems to be handling the infusions well. She is still struggling getting enough sleep which make for interesting conversation during the day.

Our church family is providing us with meals so I'm starting to lose my 6-pack abs and starting to carry a small keg again. Marie on the other hand has continued to lose weight which I don't think is a good thing. Maybe I should let her take her helping first. The meals are wonderful! Thank you.

Eau Gallie finally lost and they're out of the state championship. It was a good game. Eau Gallie lost 3-1 but they played well.


Anonymous Cari-Jean said...

Hello. I actually checked the blog today, thinking that just maybe it was still around. God is good, isn't He? He's been sustaining you all with delicious meals! I pray with spiritual food as well.

Mr. Fernandez, I sent a package the week you two left. Have you heard anything abt it from the place you were staying at? If not, please let me know. I can resend it.

Always praying,

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Al,
I was about to email, but decided to check the blog...thanks for the update...please con't to do this so you won't be pestered all the time re-typing the same info...please know that ya'll are in our thoughts & prayers.
What will the direction be now? Will you be headed back to Houston or will you con't seeing the Dr. that you had gone to before? Just a few ??s for the blog...maybe Tara can be our "communicator" whenever things get to busy for Mr. Al!
Love & Hugs to all,
Andrea :)

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I am here! I keep checking back for updates!

Tara fills me in when she is able, but I still come here to check what her father has to say!

Blessings and prayers to you all,

Mrs. K.

8:48 PM  

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