Thursday, February 02, 2006

Farewell, Aquarius, and we thank you.

Aquarius was the name of the Lunar Module which acted as a lifeboat for the three astronuats on Apollo 13 after an explosion knocked out power and oxygen to the Command Module. The astronauts spent 3.5 days in the Lunar Module conserving the 10 hours of reserve power and air in the Command Module. Since the purpose of the Lunar Module was to land on the moon and then return the astronauts back to the Command Module, it was not built to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. One hour prior to re-entry, the astronauts crawled back into the Command Module and jetisoned the Lunar Module. The following words were broadcast from Mission Control in Houston 'Farewell, Aquarius, and we thank you.' Appropriately for us the name of the Control Module was Odyssey and after 2 weeks here in our lifeboat we're about ready to enter our own odyssey as we return home.

Tomorrow we checkout of the clinic and head to the airport. Doctor Weaver will give us an evaluation and treatment plan as part of the checkout. Saturday, I'll do the final post from Melbourne and give you the details from Friday. Thank you for all the support you've given us through your prayers, emails, posts, gifts, flowers, cards, ...

Eau Gallie won their soccer game with Dr. Phillips High School 4-0. Next game, Tuesday at Eau Gallie, 7:00. This game is the semi-final game to determine the regional championship. My sister-in-law's family in Tunsia has waited up all night to get the score. Since I'm sure you'll be coming to America for the State Championship game, the dates are Feb15 - 18 at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. See you then Hassouna and Valerie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Al and Marie,
Waow! I can't believe that my parents are mentioned in your blog !!
Say hello to Marie. I am sure both of you are eager to get back home.I hope that Marie gets better every day. I liked reading the daily update.
Have a good journey home. And enjoy the soccer game on Tuesday !!

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Linda-Lee Bowman said...

Well, Marie and Al, after reading quickly through the blog (since I was away most of the time you were in TX), I have to say that if I'm ever in your situation, I'm hiring Al to humor me! Since I don't know you all very well, only through what Cari-Jean has told me, I was not able to appreciate the wit she enjoyed at your house last summer. Now I understand. And since laughter is good medicine, I trust it has been so for you. God bless you both. You know I will continue to lift you up to His throne -- He is a faithful and loving God. Love to you both. Linda-Lee

1:42 PM  
Blogger Tom P said...

The blog was a nice idea, Al ... what are you, some kind of geek? Thanks for the link.

Now that you're home, I think you should continue to post updates every now and again as you gain prowess in nursing. Alternatively, of course, I could walk over to your office and waste your time that way. You choose!

Continuing to pray for Marie and for you, and I'll begin to pray for the improvement of Marie's QE II wave. By the way, this is a good choice! The QE II (commonly known simply as, "The Q") is highly recommended over the QE I, both for its inherent dignity and for its subtle hint of not-quite-restrained glee. I counsel patience, however -- the Q is befittingly demure and refined, easy to learn, difficult to master, but it is widely known to be, by far, the most strenuous of royal waves. Perhaps this should be a post-Buddy project.

3:00 PM  

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