Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some questions are better left unasked - Day 16

Marie was extremely tired today. After going through the tremors last night, I switched her over to the smaller doses. While the smaller doses are easier on her body, they require her to be constantly going to the bathroom. So last night, she was getting up every hour. It's important for you to realize how tired Marie was this morning because as we were waiting in the waiting room we struck up a conversation with Al and his wife. Al is an older man with prostrate cancer. At some point during the conversation, Marie said "So you're here with your father?" Al's wife nonchalantly said that Al was her husband and the conversation went on without any ackward pauses. They were called in first at which point I lost it. I couldn't stop laughing. In all fairness there was a huge difference in their age and Marie was fatigued. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of maybe asking her when is she due.

Marie and I went out to lunch today at the Taste of Texas restaurant. The food was both good and expensive. We have mainly been eating healthy stuff so this was a reward for me. I had a center cut filet (medium rare with a lemon pepper rub) that melted in my mouth. Marie had an herb marinated grilled chicken breast with grilled vegetables and a salad. You might be wondering why I spend so much time talking about food on the blog. Well, it's a Gore thing.

While Marie was resting this afternoon, I visited with our Amish friends. They gave me some of their homemade maple syrup. It is wonderful. Marie poured some on her yogurt and I made a maple burrito.

I've changed my reservations and Marie and I will be flying home on Friday. We'll be leaving Houston around 4:00 and arrive at Orlando around 7:10.


Anonymous Josie said...

Hi Al and Marie,

We're so glad to see that you all will be going home earlier than expected. Thanks for keeping us all informed during this trip. We look forward to reading your blog daily. Keep up the good spirits Marie!!!! You're in our prayers!

The Braddys

2:49 AM  

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