Thursday, February 02, 2006

Farewell, Aquarius, and we thank you.

Aquarius was the name of the Lunar Module which acted as a lifeboat for the three astronuats on Apollo 13 after an explosion knocked out power and oxygen to the Command Module. The astronauts spent 3.5 days in the Lunar Module conserving the 10 hours of reserve power and air in the Command Module. Since the purpose of the Lunar Module was to land on the moon and then return the astronauts back to the Command Module, it was not built to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere. One hour prior to re-entry, the astronauts crawled back into the Command Module and jetisoned the Lunar Module. The following words were broadcast from Mission Control in Houston 'Farewell, Aquarius, and we thank you.' Appropriately for us the name of the Control Module was Odyssey and after 2 weeks here in our lifeboat we're about ready to enter our own odyssey as we return home.

Tomorrow we checkout of the clinic and head to the airport. Doctor Weaver will give us an evaluation and treatment plan as part of the checkout. Saturday, I'll do the final post from Melbourne and give you the details from Friday. Thank you for all the support you've given us through your prayers, emails, posts, gifts, flowers, cards, ...

Eau Gallie won their soccer game with Dr. Phillips High School 4-0. Next game, Tuesday at Eau Gallie, 7:00. This game is the semi-final game to determine the regional championship. My sister-in-law's family in Tunsia has waited up all night to get the score. Since I'm sure you'll be coming to America for the State Championship game, the dates are Feb15 - 18 at Lockhart Stadium in Fort Lauderdale. See you then Hassouna and Valerie.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some questions are better left unasked - Day 16

Marie was extremely tired today. After going through the tremors last night, I switched her over to the smaller doses. While the smaller doses are easier on her body, they require her to be constantly going to the bathroom. So last night, she was getting up every hour. It's important for you to realize how tired Marie was this morning because as we were waiting in the waiting room we struck up a conversation with Al and his wife. Al is an older man with prostrate cancer. At some point during the conversation, Marie said "So you're here with your father?" Al's wife nonchalantly said that Al was her husband and the conversation went on without any ackward pauses. They were called in first at which point I lost it. I couldn't stop laughing. In all fairness there was a huge difference in their age and Marie was fatigued. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of maybe asking her when is she due.

Marie and I went out to lunch today at the Taste of Texas restaurant. The food was both good and expensive. We have mainly been eating healthy stuff so this was a reward for me. I had a center cut filet (medium rare with a lemon pepper rub) that melted in my mouth. Marie had an herb marinated grilled chicken breast with grilled vegetables and a salad. You might be wondering why I spend so much time talking about food on the blog. Well, it's a Gore thing.

While Marie was resting this afternoon, I visited with our Amish friends. They gave me some of their homemade maple syrup. It is wonderful. Marie poured some on her yogurt and I made a maple burrito.

I've changed my reservations and Marie and I will be flying home on Friday. We'll be leaving Houston around 4:00 and arrive at Orlando around 7:10.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Groundhog Day - Day 15

It's starting to feel like Groundhog Day. Everyday we get up, go to the clinic, beat the air bubbles out of the bags, eat healthy stuff and then stare at each other till it's bed time again. Can you tell how much we want to be home? I'm going to look into flying home late Friday instead of Saturday.

We switched Marie back to the every 4 hour this morning to see if she could tolerate it now that she had been on it for 2 weeks. She can't. The tremors are back. Tonight, I'm going to reprogram the pump back so she's getting small doses again. Don't worry, I'm not playing doctor. I was told I could do it by Dr. Weaver.

Marie's right hand is getting better each day and until this last session she was looking great.

I finished the book titled The Burzynski Breakthrough. It was ok. I was looking for something more technical. But the book focused mainly with the court battles with the FDA. Last night, we went to a question and answer session at the Ramada. It was interesting.

More Get Well Cards

Thanks also to Ryan, Stefan, Tara, Marcus, Chase, Karley and Morgan. I'm feeling so much better.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Buddy gets a new name - Day 14

Today was another good day for Marie. She even had a bit more control of the fingers on her right hand. Marie still can't hold a pen, open a can of beans or wave like Queen Elizabeth but it is better. Of course, I mean Queen Elizabeth II. It would be a close competition with Queen Elizabeth I but Marie would win on presentation, since she still has skin on her bones. Marie was practicing waving while we were riding in the car and I can tell you it was not a pretty sight. I forced her to stop after 2 cars ran off the road in horror.

The constant infusion is working well and the doctor is increasing her dosage each day. On Wednesday, we're going to try going back to the every 4 hour infusions. The advantage of the 4 hour infusion is that Marie can get a break from Buddy. By the way, Marie has started calling Buddy by his full name Buddy D. Burden or Burden for short. It seems everyday Buddy gains weight and he becomes a greater burden to her.

We're spending less and less time at the clinic as I get faster. Marie is anxious to get home and she could leave now if only I could learn faster. I can't so we'll see you on Saturday. It was relatively slow at the clinic today and Marie and I got a chance to chat with Vo Nguyen. Forget how his last name is spelled it's pronounced 'win'. Vo is Vietnamese and he came to this country 15 years ago. He has worked at the clinic for 5 years and has a wife and 3 children. He said many things about China which I won't repeat because Google would have to censor it.

Eau Gallie High School will be playing Dr. Philips High School this Thursday at 7:00 at Eau Gallie High School for those of you who want to attend. Also, Wednesday Florida Today is suppose to do a piece on the soccer team.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Beautiful Sunday - Day 13

Sunday was both beautiful and quiet. We went to church and stayed for their fellowship lunch. We met many nice folks including Rachel Franklin. Tara knows of her from the Sense and Sensibility Forum. She sews and teaches piano. After the lunch, they had an Unction service where the Elders and the Church prayed for special needs within the congregation.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with the Amish family at the Candlewood Suite Gazebo. Martin's in-laws came and brought one of Martin's sons and a sister-in-law. This evening they had us over for a hymn sing. They sang Psalms in German and other songs in English. Different folks led the singing. The leader would sing the first word in each stanza alone and then everyone would join in. The men were on one side of the room and the women on the other.

Monday night the clinic hosts an information and support session at the Ramada. If we find out anything interesting you'll hear it here first so stay tuned - same bat time - same bat channel. Can you tell I watched way too much TV growing up?

Marie had another good day. (Editorial comment: A good day is a a day that doesn't start with me entertaining the Houston fire department in a towel or cleaning couscous off the rug.) Marie was a bit tired due to the fact that we stayed up late visiting with Dave Price. It was great fun getting caught up with the comings and goings of the Price family.